Just The Tip of Typography

As you can see from my previous post on Kerning I haven’t studied Typography and its fundamentals as much as I should have. Understanding the differences of a typeface is important. This helps with choosing the right type of letters and characters for the right design. I have another Typography game that will help to identify some differences in Type. But first some explaining.

If you are someone that has never studied Graphic Design or Typography the terms Typography, Typeface, or Type could be unfamiliar to you. For someone that has bumped into these terms occasionally they can even be unfamiliar to me as well. There are more terms to understand, like font, but I would need to go do much more research and we’ll be here all day. So for now these excerpts should help a little.

The term type is used generally to mean letters and other characters assembled into pages for printing or other means of reproduction. Typography refers to the rules and conventions that govern the assembling—or composition—of type into aesthetically appealing and legible pages.


Two common ways, among many, to differentiate type is Serif and Sans Serif.

Serif – a slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces.


With Serif the capital “T” may have a base at the bottom and the top line has two little lines coming down off it’s edges.

Well, what about Sans Serif? If Sans means without. Sans Serif will then become Without Serif. These letters will not have the bases or little lines I used in my example above.

An example of what a Serif Type and Sans Serif Type looks like next to each other.
Example of Serif VS. Sans Serif

Now, to the game. This Typography game will have you picking out the Serif letters out of a mixed up group of Serif and Sans Serif Letters. There are three levels of difficulty Junior, Middle-Weight, and Senior. The game will give you so many errors and I suggest that you use those errors. It’ll tell you which ones are right and wrong as you select through the group of letters. The reason I say to use the errors is because there is a time limit. If you don’t know one of the answers and time runs out you won’t know which one you were missing out of the group. So by getting them wrong you will begin to see which ones are Serif and Sans Serif. Failure is an opportunity for learning. I recommend using the opportunity especially, since its only a game.

I Shot The Serif