Typography A Deeper Connection

Another Typography game you say? I do. As I’ve stated in the previous posts on Kerning and Serif/Sans Serif I’ve not studied Typography as much as I’ve liked. Knowing this is one of my weaknesses I’ve kept my eyes open for ways to improve in this area. And browser mini games are a good way to get an introduction and expand your knowledge base into a topic. Not having to install anything, read large amounts of information, or pay is a good way to get into a topic even outside of Typography and Graphic Design.

We’ve talked a little about the ways certain Types look. This game goes deeper into the differences and ways to use those differences to be able to use multiple Types on a design.

I’ll use the example of an event flyer to explain why you would want to use different Types. On a flyer you might use a large thicker Type to call attention; while using a cleaner Type, similar to the one used in this post, to present important information such as dates and times. And you may even go further by ending the flyer with a call to action like “Please Call TO RSVP” with a different Type to make sure the person reading it knows there is a next step.

This game starts you off by selecting a main character you will be trying to pair another character Type to. From there it provides you with strategies to help select the new character to fit your previously chosen character.

These strategies begin to give you more information about the chosen character and its possible pairs. This information gets much deeper than the previous games I’ve mentioned. It goes into detail about the history of the characters, their forms, and lets you compare them laid over the top of one another. It also lets you see these Types in different formats such as ALL CAPS, italics, bold, and more.

Once a selection has been made you can pair the two character’s and it’ll give you further information on why it was or wasn’t the right choice. The selection of characters is limited but its the strategies its teaching you that is important. You can then use these same strategies on the seemingly infinite Types in existence.

Type Connection: A Typographic Dating Game