Adobe Illustrator: Pen Tool

Adobe Illustrator has become one of my most used programs when doing design work. I’ve spent many hours getting familiar with the tools it offers. In the beginning I was familiar with how programs like this worked. So, I thought. I remember the Pen Tool being my biggest challenge back then.

Since then I’m much more familiar with the Pen Tool. I would like to think I have at the very least a basic understanding of how the tool works. Since I’ve started writing these posts I have played the games before and during the writing of them. While sitting down and playing this game there was one hotkey that it showed me that I didn’t know about. Just by playing this game for 5 minutes I picked up a trick I didn’t know about. This is why these types of exercises are good for beginners and experienced users.

The focus of this game is to get you using the Pen Tool. I’ve gotten a handful of exercises into it. Obviously, the game showing you how to use the Pen Tool is helpful for beginners. Even as, someone that has been using this software for approximately two years, I found something I didn’t know.

I did find some issues with the game. Maybe later down the road some of these gripes are handled. For sure one is a technical issue. After using certain hotkeys it was like it would not allow you to make certain adjustments it had previously showed you how to do. I tried to replicate this problem in Chrome. It seems it is a Fire Fox only issue. So I recommend you use Chrome to play the game.

My other complaint was that it doesn’t really give you any tips on using the Pen Tool better after doing the intro exercises. It just tells you how many Anchor Points (They refer to them as Nodes) you made and what the ideal Anchor Point count is.

If you are just learning Adobe Illustrator this game will definitely help you get some mileage on the Pen Tool. The more comfortable you are using the tools the more efficient and faster you can get a project accomplished. If you are familiar with using the Pen Tool give the game a go for a bit and see if you learn anything.

The Bezier Game: A game to help you master the Pen Tool