To Focus or Not To Focus?

You’re probably procrastinating right now if you’re reading my post. I’m sure you have heard multiple quotes, philosophies, strategies, and ideas on how and what to focus on. I personally have read books, articles, talked to advisors, and counselors on these types of subjects. I have a Business Management degree and one of the requirements was project management. Making To Do lists and setting goals is a very common recommendation to help one focus.

Focus is typically thought of as a small thing like making it through your work day till lunch, then later till home, or finishing your homework for the night. Even just focusing on reading this post right now. Are you? Even I’m listening to a podcast while writing this. Focus isn’t just narrowing down what you want or have to accomplish right today.

Focus can also be grander. What about your career? Should you focus on something entry level with lesser pay but may project you into something you are interested in or focus on a job that pays more now and provides greater life comfort and flexibility. How will you focus on your relationships with the people closes to you? What about doing things that you enjoy? Its on this level that I struggle the most. I remember hearing a quote once and I thought it depicted the tough choices you have in life.

Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends: Pick Three.

I seen this quote from a classmate on Instagram a long time ago. The source I linked is just something I found quickly when double checking I got the quote right. Now its up to you to decide whether this quote is relevant to you but it does express the struggle we have with fitting so much into our daily lives.

My personal struggle with focus is about present and future. Like my example above about choosing a career. You have to find a balance between getting through today and helping yourself get through tomorrow. And you hope that you set yourself up tomorrow in a better position than you started today. Then when you begin to inject things that you enjoy in your day things are further complicated. Things like watching shows/movies, reading, playing games. Hobbies that may not have a direct impact to your longevity but makes you feel good today.

These are only a couples things that complicate our focuses. There is many other things in play as that quote points out. While this quote is regularly on my mind there is a strategy that I also think of often. This strategy is from Warren Buffet. I highly recommend you read it before continuing to read this.

5-Step Process for Prioritizing True Success – Warren Buffet

Hopefully you enjoyed that article.

I’ll do a quick overview. You make a list of twenty five things you would like to do. These things should be anything important that comes to mind. Then you pick the top 5 of those. Next you would make a plan to get those top five things done. The last thing is to avoid the other twenty items at all cost until you have completed the top five.

Again this depicts our struggle. There is so much you have and want to do. This strategy has you list all these things and then you end up with two lists. A list to focus on and a list to avoid. This comes down to prioritizing. What’s most important to you?

This post was just to point out this Warren Buffet strategy I’ve had in my head and inbox for a long time. These type of things help me refocus and re-balance my focuses. I have many more thoughts on productivity, focus, goal setting, etc that I would like to further explore in the future. For now give this strategy a try. Hopefully its helpful to you, and if not, at least it lets you explore your focuses and priorities.